Karma Catches Up to Owner of Infamous ‘F— Trump’ Truck — He Just Got Arrested

July 10, 2018Jul 10, 2018

Editor's note: This story contains strong language that may be offensive to some readers.


The owner of the infamous “F**k Trump” truck was arrested by police in Sugar Land, Texas, on Sunday for several outstanding warrants. He was driving the truck at the time of his arrest.

Miguel Fonseca, 48, was reportedly pulled over at 5:41 p.m. after a police officer noticed he had no license plate on the front of his vehicle, which is illegal.

Source: Fort Bend County Jail

When the officer ran Fonseca’s information, he discovered the man had two outstanding warrants for speeding and failure to appear.

When the officer ordered Fonseca to exit his vehicle, he allegedly refused and had to be forcibly removed from the “F**k Trump” vehicle. For that, he earned an additional resisting arrest charge.

Fonseca’s wife is now asking for Americans to pay her husband’s $1,000 bail. As of Tuesday afternoon, only $108 had been raised. She is also suggesting the race of the police officers played a role in her husband's arrest.

“My husband was JUST ARRESTED because of our window tint being 2 shades too dark. He was followed by 3 white police officers that were in our neighborhood due to an unrelated dispute,” she wrote on the GoFundMe page. “The police saw our truck, followed my husband some ways, and pulled him over about 7 miles from the house. My husband was told the window tiny was 2 shades too dark. He was then taken into custody for a 7 year old unpaid ticket. ALSO the police added a criminal charge to his unpaid ticket, RESISTING ARREST!”

She added, "Towing our vehicle, in this case, was totally unconstitutional."

The page also includes a YouTube video titled, "White mother f**kers picking on people against Trump tired.”

But Karen Fonseca also has her own criminal charges to worry about. She is accused of felony fraud.

"On July 31, Judge Maggie Perez-Jaramillo will consider felony charges against Fort Bend County resident Karen Fonseca, who is accused of using credit cards that belonged to a person she lived with without permission," the Houston Chronicle reported.