Package Bomb Suspect’s Bizarre Past Coming to Light, Doesn’t Fit Media Narrative

October 26, 2018Oct 26, 2018

CBS News anchors sounded confused and doubtful Friday afternoon when they read off the name of the package bomb suspect on air after hearing it seconds before: Cesar Altieri Sayoc.

A name like that certainly didn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media was building up to after it was announced that a 56-year-old suspect had been arrested in South Florida.

In fact, before the name came out, a CBS contributor was predicting that when the suspect’s image would be revealed, it would tell us a whole lot about who this guy was — insinuating that he would match some sort of stereotypical image of a President Trump supporter.

He also talked about how he believes we now live in a day and age where if we see our “crazy uncle,” for instance, driving around in van full of political stickers and ranting about politics, we should report him to authorities as a potential threat.

And then the suspect’s actual identity and criminal past were released.

Here’s what is known about him so far:

1. He’s a Trump supporter and registered Republican who attended Trump rallies.

2. His Twitter page is filled with anti-Democrat memes, often featuring the Democrats he sent the package bombs to. He included a few threats:

3. He claims to be Native American and allegedly used “Native American” in the name of a couple companies he started. He also claims to be part of Florida’s Seminole Tribe, but they say he is not officially a member, the Washington Examiner reported.

4. He’s homeless. According to CNN, he was living in the white van that authorities hauled away after his arrest on Friday.

5. A former employer says he used to be a performer at an all-male strip club, according to the Washington Examiner. Event promoter Tony Valentine described him as a man who “couldn’t find his niche in life” and was a “big muscle head” who “wanted to be a professional wrestler.” TMZ is reporting that he worked for a Chippendales knockoff. NBC News described him as an “exotic dancer.”

6. He was a sloppy bomb maker. The FBI tracked him through fingerprints and DNA left on the bombs, as well as through his cell phone usage. He claims his pipe bombs wouldn’t have hurt anyone. The FBI said on Friday that the bombs are not “hoax devices” but stopped short of calling them “bombs” intended to detonate and injure people.

7. He threatened to bomb someone 16 years ago, long before Trump was in the political arena. He threatened to destroy a Florida power company "worse than September 11th" for turning off his electricity. He got off easy, but his former lawyer said he doesn’t believe Sayoc smart enough to actually pull off a successful assassination via homemade bombs. None of the bombs he allegedly sent to top-level Democrats and CNN went off.

8. He has a long criminal history including grand theft, drug possession, battery, and fraud.

9. Another former attorney said he “wasn’t always in his right mind,” CBS News reported.

10. Sayoc faces five federal charges that could land him up to 58 years in jail. More charges are expected.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting that billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer, who gave $2 to Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, has received a similar suspicious package. Also on Friday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper received similar ones.

Watch live updates below:

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