Pelosi Calls Worst Attack on American Civilians in History an ‘Incident;’ It Doesn’t Go Well for Her

July 26, 2018Jul 26, 2018

Remember that incident about 17 years ago when al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four planes and attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon, killing almost 3,000 civilians in America? No one who saw 9/11 happen can forget it, and few people would ever call it an “incident.”

Except that House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi just did.

According to the Washington Times, Pelosi was addressing border security on Thursday and claiming that Republicans didn’t do enough after the 9/11 attacks to secure our borders.

“Let’s make no mistake about that. Democrats have been strong on that point. All of our borders. In fact, I said to some of you before, when we had the 9/11 incident and the commission was formed — and they made their recommendations — they made recommendations to protect America, but the Republicans would never take them up,” she said.

Her reference to 9/11 as an “incident” didn’t go over well with some people.

But it may not have been the wording she intended to use. The Daily Caller noted on Thursday that the 78-year-old also mispronounced numerous words during her Thursday speech.

In talking about “lower prescription drug prices,” she started out by saying “lower pruger…”

Instead of saying “trillion dollars,” she said “trallion dollars.”

“When the president p-p-p-presents himself,” she stuttered, also stumbling over the word “disgraceful.”

A number of other videos have recently come out of Pelosi repeatedly slurring and mispronouncing words as well as stringing together sets of rambling, confusing phrases. It’s led people to wonder if the House minority speaker is doing alright.

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