WATCH: Pence Stares Directly at Venezuelan Ambassador, Says 'You Shouldn't Be Here'

April 11, 2019Apr 11, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence delivered a historic speech at the U.N. on Thursday denouncing the Maduro regime in Venezuela, confronting the socialist nation’s ambassador directly.

At one point, Pence stared the ambassador down and stated:

“With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, you shouldn’t be here. You should return to Venezuela and tell Nicholas Maduro that his time is up,” Pence said.

Watch the video below:

Even before that, Pence ripped the socialist regime for allowing its people to starve and die under the failed state.

“For six long years, the people of Venezuela have suffered under the heavy hand of oppression. The Maduro regime’s socialist policies have shrunk their economy by nearly half. In what was once one of the wealthiest countries in our hemisphere, 9 out of 10 people now live in poverty,” Pence said. “The average Venezuelan has lost more than 20 pounds through deprivation and malnutrition. Thousands of Venezuelan children are starving. And at this very hour, infants in hospitals across Venezuela are dying for lack of basic medical care.”

He continued: “And the Maduro regime, in the midst of this deprivation and suffering, has used violence and intimidation against anyone who opposes their actions. In the last three months, the regime has thrown at least 1,255 people into jail, without any due process of law, and killed at least 40 protestors. That’s the nature of the regime that we’re dealing with.”

Pence later addressed the United Nations Security Counsel to step up and do something to help the Venezuelan people.

“Members of this Security Council: The men, women, and children in Venezuela are suffering. Their economy has been destroyed. Their democracy has been destroyed,” he said. “The people of Venezuela are paying the price. And soon, the region and the world will pay the price if we fail to act. There can be no bystanders to this history.”

He added: “For the peace and security of our hemisphere, the world and the United Nations must stand with the people of Venezuela. To that end, the United States is preparing a resolution recognizing the legitimacy of the government of Interim President Juan Guaidó. And today, we urge every member of the Security Council and all U.N. member states to support this resolution.”

Well done, Mr. Vice President.

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