People Still Clinging to Roofs After Deadly Cyclone, 100,000 People in Danger

March 19, 2019Mar 19, 2019

A horrific situation in a region slammed by a deadly cyclone is getting even worse as people cling to rooftops awaiting rescue in towns and cities stilled drowned by floodwaters.

On Monday, the president of Mozambique — a southern African country across the channel from the island nation of Madagascar — reported that more than 1,000 people were feared dead after four days of torrential rains and high winds. Overflowing rivers have inundated villages, and along the coast, the country’s fourth largest city of Beira has seen 90 percent of its structures damaged or destroyed.

Now on Tuesday, the situation is worsening as 100,000 people are feared to be still in danger, according to the Weather Channel. While numerous people have been spotted from the air waiting atop the roofs of building for rescuers, there are many areas where high winds have ripped roofs completely off.

“The assessment emerging from Mozambique today is chilling,” said Machiel Pouw of the Save the Children charity. “In many places, no roofs or treetops are even visible above the floods.”

Beira resident Layla George described what it was like when the roof blew off her house, saying, "I was inside my house, I was sleeping and I had set the bed for my daughter to sleep underneath... suddenly the roof flew away. I had locked the door and I lost the keys. We started crying for help but there was no help because it was the middle of the night and there was a lot of wind," according to CNN.

In some cases, the metal sheets used as roofs on many of the homes have turned into lethal projectiles themselves.

"Flying sheets of metal decapitated people. People are very bad here, some are in hospital... we don't have any help here... it's getting bad, we're eating badly, we're sleeping badly and we don't have homes," resident Rajino Paulino described.

The city of Beira, which housed 500,000 people before the cyclone, is absolutely devastated. And it’s been hard for rescuers and aid groups like the Mozambique Red Cross Society to get victims the help they need because all the main roads into the city are still cut off by floodwaters. The airport is also submerged, and power outages are widespread.

The neighboring countries of Malawi and Zimbabwe have also suffered damage with over 100 people killed, hundreds injured, and hundreds still missing.

Please continue to pray for the people affected by the cyclone and for the rescuers working to aid them! Please pray, as well, for the people affected by massive flooding in the U.S. Midwest.

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