Phil Robertson to Kamala Harris: God is My Universal Health Care, Not the Government

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

Phil Robertson’s time on the “Duck Dynasty” TV series may be over, but he has become the most vocal any of the members of the family of hunters and entrepreneurs.

Robertson was speaking the Neil Cavuto in a Fox Business interview when the subject of Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ Medicare for All plan came up, according to RawStory.

A former Louisiana Tech quarterback and the man who led his family to fame and fortune with his duck calls and hunting videos, Robertson is a devoted Christian who just released a book entitled “The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country.”

“The core of your argument is that we have lost touch with simple values, but lost touch with God, and the government is no replacement,” Cavuto said, according to a Media Matters for America transcript.

He continued: “You say, ‘My view is simple, no government program, whether health care, social security, or whatever can save you. It may put food in your belly at great expense, it may get you in the hospital at even greater expense, it may provide for you in the dog days of your life, but only one thing will, and that's Jesus.’"

Robertson replied, “We have been given a country through what Kamala Harris said. She says, ‘Elect me, and everything's free. Look, everybody can have their own health care, the government's going to finance the whole thing, it's not going to cost but $30 trillion, I'm offering you the greatest deal you ever had, elect me and everything will be free.’"

“But she's saying that other people who have been getting away with financial murder will pay for it, the rich, guys like you,” the Fox Business host countered.

“What I'm saying is that — Kamala, I already have health care, it's given to me by God,” the Robertson family patriarch said. “Eternal health care. I'm guaranteed to be raised from the dead. I have life and immortality given to me by God through Jesus Christ.”

Cavuto wasn’t satisfied with his answer, though, and started to say, “But people get sick on Earth in human form, so, would you advise—”

“The temporary reprieve is not worth it,” Robertson finished. “I'm telling her: I have eternal health care, and it's free.”

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