Piers Morgan Smashes Anti-Trump Protester's Arguments, Only to Have Shocking Statement Fly Back

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

Famed British journalist Piers Morgan got a bit more truth than he was banking on when questioning an irate President Trump critic on Good Morning America Wednesday.

“I’ll be marching in Westminster tomorrow, alongside thousands of other people who found the policy of border separations unconscionable, who think that the sight of our elected prime minister holding Donald Trump’s hand is an utter embarrassment,” anti-Trump activist Ash Sarkar informed Piers during the morning show.


The president arrived in the U.K. on Thursday after meeting with NATO allies in Brussels, Belgium, the New York Times reported. Prime Minister Theresa May was cordial in her greeting. However, a number of protesters showed up to demand Trump change the illegal alien separation policy that he and Republicans have already been working to change.

But this protester probably wasn’t expecting someone to counter her with facts.

“Did you find Obama deporting 3 million people unconscionable?” Morgan asked her.

“Yes,” she replied. “And that’s why I also protest detention and deportation in this country [Britain] as well.”

But Morgan wasn’t going to let her get away that easily with not answering his question.

“Where was your protest march against that when he [Obama] came to the country?” the journalist asked. “If you feel so strongly about that, where was your protest march against Obama? It’s a double standard.”

“You do not have to go out and march against everything in order to make a point about one thing,” a female co-host on the show tried to defend Sarkar.

“No, if you find them both unconscionable, and it’s the same issue, you have to march twice, don’t you?” Morgan insisted.

Sarkar replied, “I actually encourage you to check out the other work that I’ve done where I’ve been intensely political—”

But Morgan countered, “I’ll tell you what’d I do. I’d go ahead and check out some basic facts about your hero Obama—”

“He’s not my hero!” Sarkar exploded. “I’m a communist, you idiot!”

Well, there you go. Take a look at that moment in the show below:


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