Police Make Arrest After Racist Attack of Mexican Man, 92; Media Hide Ethnicity of Suspect

July 11, 2018Jul 11, 2018

The mainstream media frequently identify the ethnicity of suspects in racist attacks, but in the case of a 92-year-old Hispanic man who was brutally beaten while the attacker told him to “go back to Mexico,” that detail is strangely left out.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rodolfo Rodriguez, a was walking down the street in the Willowbrook neighborhood of LA on Independence Day. His family said everything went south when he accidentally bumped into a toddler.

Witnesses say the toddler’s mother furiously pushed Rodriguez to the ground and started to beat him severely with a brick, all the while screaming “Go back to Mexico” and “Go back to your country” and using a racial slur.


Those who heard the woman’s rampage described it as racist. Rodriguez is from Mexico but legally immigrated to the U.S, according to some reports. Other reports say he lives in Mexico and was visiting his family in the U.S.

Four men were caught on video showing up a short while later to beat the old man up even more, the Sacramento Bee reported. Rodriguez survived but sustained significant injuries, including broken bones and severe bruising on his face.

A GoFundMe to pay for Rodriguez’ medical costs has incredibly brought in $265,000 in donations as of 1:30 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. Many people are sending him well-wishes and prayers for a quick recovery.


Detectives arrested Laquisha Jones Tuesday night and charged her for assault with a deadly weapon. But absent from the extensive reports from the Los Angeles Times, the Sacremento Bee, Newsweek, and CBS Los Angeles is any mention that Rodriguez was attacked by a black woman as of 1:45 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday.

CNN later added that detail to its story. A person’s ethnicity isn’t the key detail in a crime incident, even a racially motivated attack. Their actions are what is most important.

But the Daily Caller on Tuesday noted inconsistencies on how the mainstream media often reports on these types of incidents. They showed the Washington Post’s story of Rodriguez getting beat up, which didn’t mention that the attacker was black until they fourth paragraph. Next to it, they showed a story about a white man who called the police on a black woman. His ethnicity is mentioned twice in the tweet.


Our prayers go out to Rodriguez.

Featured photo: Erik Mendoza/GoFundMe

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