Meghan McCain Blasts Politico Reporter for Calling Trump Supporters Toothless Rednecks

August 01, 2018Aug 01, 2018

A President Trump rally in Tampa Tuesday proved to not be the highlight of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s career as a group of Trump supporters, upset at his network’s typically anti-Trump coverage, chanted “CNN sucks!”

Emily L. Mahoney of the Tampa Bay Times caught that moment on camera:

After Acosta complained on Twitter about the chanting, Politico reporter Marc Caputo shot an insult at Trump’s supporters, tweeting, “If you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth.”

After people complained to Caputo about his comment, he shot back, “Oh, no! I made fun of garbage people jeering at another person as they falsely accuse him of lying and flipped him off. Someone fetch a fainting couch.”

“Come on Marc. They are beyond classless but you don’t have to add to the very behavior you’re complaining about,” admonished his acquaintance David Bishop.

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain also blasted Caputo, writing on "Twitter: This is so gross and this kind of statement is what so many in the middle of the country think the media thinks of them. @politico should hold their reporters to a higher standard."

After the backlash, Caputo decided to — sort of — say he was sorry, tweeting, “I need to apologize for tweeting caustic remarks after seeing a reporter berated & abused. Hate begets hate. My comments referred ONLY to those jeering and swearing at the man, not a broad swath of people. But the fault is mine for causing confusion and feeding anger.”

“In the age of social media, where divisiveness serves no decent purpose, these flippant comments on my part only made things worse and contributed to a cycle of rage that I should not have inflamed further. So I'm sorry,” he added.

“While it’s usually a good idea to just delete tweets that are wrong, I own this and the criticism (both accurate and misleading) that has followed. I'll do better,” he concluded.

Mahoney also stood up for the Trump supporters, pointing out that most of the crowd was not acting that way. Many were very nice to Acosta despite their disagreements with his reporting style.

“Since this tweet is going viral (I wish this one would too, though it likely won’t): for every person screaming at @Acosta there were also lots of #trumptampa supporters who came up to him and thanked him for being a professional and doing an important job (which he does),” wrote Mahoney.

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