Popular Pizza Chain Apologizes for Employee Writing Racial Slur on Customers’ Receipt

December 19, 2018Dec 19, 2018

A popular pizza chain is apologizing after an employee allegedly wrote an ethnic slur on a receipt given to a group of white customers

According to Fox News, musician Jason Charboneau and his coworkers visited a Jet’s Pizza location in Hamtramck, Michigan to order some pizza. Jet’s oversees franchise restaurants in 20 states.


Charboneau and his female boss were shocked to see what was written as the customer name on his group’s receipt: white trash.

He posted the racially derogatory name on Facebook and wrote that the Jet’s corporation would hear from him about what the female employee had called him. The photo of the receipt went viral.

“My phone’s been blowing up all day,” Charboneau told the reporter of a local TV station.

He said he isn’t planning to visit the pizza place ever again and gave the following advice to the employee: “Grow up. Lose the hate.”

The Jet’s Pizza corporation quickly responded, writing in a statement: “Regarding the incident from last night, as soon as we found out about this situation, we contacted the customer to let her know, that the behavior she experienced is unacceptable and a clear violation of our service standards. We apologized and assured her that we, as a company, do not tolerate this type of behavior, in our stores.”

As for whether or not the offending employee will be punished, they added, “We have since made suggestions to managers of this franchise, location, on how to deal with the employee, who caused this regrettable situation.”

Jet’s also reportedly refunded Charboneau and his colleagues and gave them store credit for future purchases, according to ABC affiliate WXYZ Detroit.

After a couple days had passed since posting the photo of the receipt, Charboneau on wrote a Facebook post on Wednesday suggesting that people calm down about the whole thing and enjoy the holidays.

“The intent was never to make it this big. The masses made it big. Let me put a couple cents more into this. I never want any negativity in anybody’s life. We don’t deserve it,” he wrote.

“Did it physically hurt? No. Will I get through my life? Yep,” he continued. “However, the standard that some are held to is much higher than others. My response didn’t call anybody names. My response didn’t play the victim.”

“My response was to tell everybody to stop with the hate and do your job. I know from my work history it’s not always the easiest to be nice. Try anyway,” he advised. “None of us are perfect. Adding to our imperfections with hate, laziness, lack of moral fiber, or name calling in a day of social media is professional suicide. I’ve lost jobs due to my imperfections. I however don’t do name calling so that was never the reason.”

“So during this holiday season, spread love not hate,” he concluded. “Don’t pre-judge. Let others be themselves so they don’t misdirect hatred on others. Don’t misconstrue the intentions of what I did. It obviously struck a nerve with many people out there. Happy Holidays everyone. Cheer up and put some love in your life. Rock on!”

Watch the local news’ interview with Charboneau below:


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