Portland OR: Art Gallery Posts Picture of President Trump Being Executed–Response Was Swift

July 18, 2018Jul 18, 2018

An art gallery in Portland, Oregon has had its new display removed after it showed a vulgar and graphic depiction of President Donald Trump being executed.

One Grand Art Gallery in Portland put the graphic display in its front window for everyone to see. The image showed the president with a knife to his neck with blood coming out of his neck and nose with the words “F--- TRUMP” at the bottom.

The gallery’s founder, who refused to be identified, said he took the display down after receiving numerous threats and a request from the landlord.


“People that are responding are responding with such anger and violence,” he said. “People want the gallery to go up in flames with my family.”

Businesses near the gallery have also received threats. The phone at an auto shop located above the gallery has been ringing off the hook, according to a worker.

"It's been a crazy, crazy morning," said Dane Johnson of Total Performance Converters. "I've had threats to have rocks thrown through the window.”

“I've had threats that we're never going to do business with you again,” he continued. “And I've also had threats on my life - you know, we're going to come and kill you."

While the display on the outside of the gallery has been taken down, similar anti-Trump art continues to hang inside the gallery, including the exact same Trump execution image.

The gallery also posted the image to its Facebook page with the caption, “The same people offended over a ‘death threat’ are the same people upholding death threats and violence. Irony.”

The Portland Police Bureau has not received any complaints yet, according to a department spokesperson. However, the US Secret Service is aware of the gallery’s depiction of the president but the Secret Service does not comment on possible investigations, according to the agency.

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