President Is Being Directed Into Car Then Suddenly Walks Away – Huge Crowd Roars as He Starts Shaking Hands

August 17, 2018Aug 17, 2018

President Donald Trump landed in Westhampton, New York, for a fundraiser with fellow real estate developer Howard Lorber. An estimated $3 million is expected to be raised for the RNC and Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Fox News closely followed his arrival as he walked across the tarmac to his waiting motorcade. You may think that President Trump would be quick to get to his air-conditioned vehicle on the hot summer day, but you’d be wrong.

Instead, President Trump took the time to greet and shake the hands of his supporters gathered at the airport.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

“He really wants to focus on the economy and some other accomplishments today as he takes a victory lap of sorts, as it’s being called, with supporters,” said “Outnumbered” Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

“They just love him, and he loves them, and you can just see it in these folks,” host David Bossie said.

“So he is pausing here, the president of the United States, to take pictures,” Faulkner continued. “And you mentioned the uniformed members of our military there, he’s taking a moment with people here, on the tarmac.”

“He’s headed to a couple of events today, where he will meet with supporters and talk about his accomplishments.”

“He’s a machine,” Bossie added. “This guy never stops working, he’s the hardest working person I’ve ever been around in my entire life.”

“If I could just say, he looked up from the car as he was about to get in,” Bossie continued. “And he saw the throngs, the thousands of people standing there across the tarmac just to wave, and he makes the decision.”  

“He wants to thank them for spending the time on this hot day, in the sun, to say hello to him, so he goes over out of respect, and out of love and admiration for these people.”

“It’s a Friday afternoon, it’s a beautiful day out on Long Island, and the president is hanging out with thousands of people right now,” Faulkner pointed out. “Ahead of those events, where people have paid a lot of money to have some food with him, he’s doing it in the 90-degree sun.”

Now that’s dedication!

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