President Trump Blasts Democrats in Iowa Rally Speech – ‘They Want to Destroy Everything'

October 10, 2018Oct 10, 2018

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump held a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, his latest stop supporting Republican candidates across the country.

He began his Iowa rally by promoting E15 ethanol gasoline, an important product for Iowa corn farmers.

"We’re going with E15 year round. I made that promise to you during the campaign. I made that promise to you during the primaries," he said. "Promises made, promises kept."

E15 gasoline was under a federal ban over the summer over worries that it causes an accessive amount of smog. Ethanol supporters claim this is unfounded and untrue.

The highlight of the rally perhaps was the president’s attack on the Democrats.

"The Democrats have become totally unhinged," said President Trump. "They’ve gone crazy."

"If you want to drain the swamp, you must defeat the Democrats," he added. "This election is about security and it’s also about prosperity.”

"Democrats are the party of crime. Republicans are the party of safety,” he continued. "The only reason to vote Democrat is if you are tired of winning."

"They want to destroy everything," said Trump. "That’s all their good at. What the Democrats did to Brett [Kavanaugh] and his beautiful family is a national embarrassment and a national disgrace."

Meanwhile, first lady Melania Trump went on her first solo international trip to Africa as she visited four African countries in five days – Malawi,  Kenya, Ghana, and Egypt.

The goal of her trip was to promote her Be Best campaign and visit local programs focused on helping women and children, but that didn’t stop the critics from bashing her for her wardrobe choices, specifically a white pith helmet.

“Pith helmets — so-called because they are made of the material sholapith – were worn by European explorers and imperial administrators in Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East in the 19th century before being adopted by military officers, rapidly becoming a symbol of status – and oppression,” reported the Guardian.

Here is a sample of what people had to say about her hat on Twitter.

New York Times White House Correspondent Catie Rogers noticed that the first lady was annoyed with questions her helmet. “You know what?” responded Melania, “We just completed an amazing trip.”

“I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear.”

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