President Trump Just Did Something the Media Won't Tell You About – But It's Awesome

November 06, 2018Nov 06, 2018

President Donald Trump created the first national park to honor African Americans who fought in the Civil War with the creation of Camp Nelson in Nicholasville, Kentucky as the nation’s newest National Monument.

“Camp Nelson was one of the largest Union Army recruitment centers for African American Union soldiers, then known as United States Colored Troops,” Trump’s proclamation states. “During the war, thousands of enslaved African Americans risked their lives escaping to Camp Nelson, out of a deep desire for freedom and the right of self-determination.”

“Today, the site is one of the best-preserved landscapes and archeological sites associated with United States Colored Troops recruitment and the refugee experiences of African American slaves seeking freedom during the Civil War.”

“Camp Nelson reminds us of the courage and determination possessed by formerly enslaved African Americans as they fought for their freedom,” the proclamation continued. “The broader Camp Nelson archeological record also provides opportunities for research and scholarship related to military history, race, identity, and gender during the Civil War — a pivotal chapter of the Nation’s history.”

Have you seen this story at all in your news headlines? I didn’t think so.

“Fake News” is something that is often heard in President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and the mainstream media usually gets offended whenever he says it.

Lately, the narrative has been that President Trump has labeled the media as the “enemy of the people,” which has prompted attacks against the media, such as the Florida mail bomber Cesar Sayoc, who was arrested for sending explosives to a variety of prominent Democrats as well as CNN headquarters in New York City.

On Monday and Tuesday, President Trump took to his trusty Twitter account to send out a message and set things straight once and for all.

“The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country,” wrote President Trump. “Actually, it is their Fake and Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!”

“There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news,” he continued.

“The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open and obvious hostility and report the news accurately and fairly. That will do much to put out the flame of Anger and Outrage and we will then be able to bring all sides together in Peace and Harmony. Fake News Must End!”

“CNN and others in the Fake News Business keep purposely and inaccurately reporting that I said the ‘Media is the Enemy of the People.’ Wrong! I said that the ‘Fake News (Media) is the Enemy of the People,’ a very big difference. When you give out false information – not good!”

“Check out tweets from last two days. I refer to Fake News Media when mentioning Enemy of the People – but dishonest reporters use only the word ‘Media,’ he concluded. “The people of our Great Country are angry and disillusioned at receiving so much Fake News. They get it, and fully understand!”

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