President Trump Reacts After British PM Theresa May Says She’s Quitting

May 24, 2019May 24, 2019

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her upcoming resignation on Friday after a tumultuous time in office, CNN reported.

"I will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold," she said during a press conference.

President Trump, who has worked with her on international issues, responded to reporters outside the White House.

“I feel badly for Theresa — I like her very much,” he said. “She's a good woman, she worked very hard. She's very strong.”

“She decided to do something that some people were surprised at, some people weren’t,” he continued. “It was for the good of her country. But I like her very much.”

“In fact, I’ll be seeing her in two weeks,” he added, referencing his upcoming three-day visit to the UK to meet with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Duchess Camilla.

Former British prime minister David Cameron also responded to the news:

"I feel desperately sorry for Theresa and for [her husband] Phillip," Cameron said. "She worked incredibly hard. She's a dedicated public servant."

"I know what it's like when you come to realize that your leadership time has finished, that the country needs a new leader, and it's extremely difficult and painful to step outside Downing Street and say those things," he continued.

"I know that she will feel extremely frustrated, as I think many of us feel frustrated, that ultimately the people who most wanted Brexit in the end wouldn't vote for it," he added.

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