Secret Service Officer Down After Protester Jumps in Front of Motorcade Outside White House

January 30, 2019Jan 30, 2019

Reports flooded in Wednesday afternoon that a protester had jumped in front of a motorcade outside the White House on Wednesday afternoon. A uniformed U.S. Secret Service officer was also injured.

The Secret Service told The Hill that the motorcade involved Chinese officials leaving the White House after speaking with the Trump administration.

“Secret Service: Person arrested for crossing a police line and assault on a police officer after they ‘attempted to impede the progress’ of a motorcade ‘in a temporarily secured area’ near White House. Sources: Chinese delegation was motorcade involved in the incident,” NBC Politics posted on Twitter.

“More US Secret Service is investigating a motor vehicle incident near the White House and there are injuries; a uniformed Secret Service officer was seen down in the street and at least one other individual appeared injured,” they also reported.

A Chinese delegation was scheduled to speak with President Trump Wednesday and Thursday over trade between the two countries, according to The National.

According to CGTN White House Correspondent Jessica Stone, witnesses said that the Secret Service officer was struck by the motorcade while intervening after a man jumped in front of it. The alleged protester was transported to the hospital with a leg injury.

Several days earlier on Saturday, Secret Service officers sprang into action after a man shot himself outside the White House, according to CNN. Cameron Ross Burgess, 26, of Maylene, Alabama fired several shots — not particularly at the presidential mansion — before shooting his phone and then himself in the head. 

Burgess did not leave a suicide note, but officers did find a book near him that contained incoherent sentences, CNN sources reported.

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