Protesters Try to Shame President with Trump Baby Balloon, Then it Goes Horribly Wrong

July 13, 2018Jul 13, 2018

The creators of the Trump Baby Balloon flown in protest of President Trump’s visit had huge expectations for their international symbol of resistance. And then things went horribly wrong.

According to Business Insider, protest organizers got people to donate about $40,000 dollars for the construction of the balloon, which depicts a tubby Trump in a diaper. For that amount of money, they were expecting something a lot more impressive.

Up-close photos run by many news organizations made the balloon look massive, but further-away shots made it look pitiful. While Trump critics anticipated the anti-Trump balloon looming over the city like a blimp, shaming our president every time he looked up, it instead failed to rise higher than the historic buildings surrounding it.

While balloon organizers have hoped to fly it around the world, wherever Trump visits, its debut was roundly mocked on Twitter, including by some Brits and Trump critics who expected a whole lot more after all the hype. The New York Times made a “mistake” of posting a photo accurately depicting just how small the balloon actually is — and how small of a crowd it drew.

The balloon flew for only two hours on Friday.

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