‘Racist’ New ‘Rambo’ Movie is Making Liberals’ Heads Explode After Trailer Released

June 03, 2019Jun 03, 2019

A teaser trailer for the fifth “Rambo” movie starring Sylvester Stallone has been released.

And some liberals are not happy one bit.

72-year-old Stallone is returning to the silver screen this year for the final installment of a series that began 37 years ago. According to Rolling Stone, John Rambo will be heading south of the border to wreak havoc on a Mexican drug cartel that has kidnapped his friend’s daughter in “Rambo: Last Blood.”

“I want them to know that death is coming and there’s nothing they can do about it,” Rambo says in the teaser trailer.

One Twitter user said that “the plot of the new rambo movie is gonna be like ‘Old Racist wipes out MS-13 with just a quiver of arrows’ and it will be the #1 film among Christians for months.”

Not only did he seem to imply that stopping one of the most brutal gangs out there is a bad thing, he also implied that most Christians are racist.

A blogger tweeted, “#Rambo looks a bit like Rambo:Taken Edition. Setting aside curiosity over the 72 year old Rambo, I wonder just how racist this one is going to be. Apparently it involves Mexicans, so it's probably MAGARambo.”

So if a movie involves Mexicans...it’s racist?

Others also weighed in.

And they got roundly mocked.

“Rambo: Last Blood” is set to be released in theaters Sept. 20, 2019, according to IMDb.

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