Report: CBS Chairman and CEO Accused Of Unwanted Sexual Touches: Hollywood In Flames

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

In a breathtaking article soon to be released in the New Yorker, reports of sexual misconduct going back decades by the CBS CEO Leslie Moonves are going to come out. Ronan Farrow is the son of actress Mia Farrow and filmmaker Woody Allen. He is the reporter who exposed Harvey Weinstein.

We all know how that ended for Harvey. 

One Twitter user said, "#MeToo ain't done yet."

It has also been reported the CBS shares have stumbled after news of the allegations hit.

Though The New Yorker says, "We don't comment on pieces we haven't published." The Hollywood Reporter says, "sources with knowledge of the article say it delves into the broader culture at CBS and will publish later today on the magazine's website."

CBS has stated, "All allegations of personal misconduct are to be taken seriously" and they insist they are investigating the matter. Considering that it's being reported that the entire culture of CBS has a problem with sexual misconduct, we are not sure they are the best people to investigate the accusations. This is why we have police investigators. 

The Hollywood Reporter also reminded their readers that "CBS received unwelcome scrutiny in November when it fired Charlie Rose after The Washington Post reported that eight women had accused the talk-show host and co-anchor of CBS This Morning of sexual misconduct. In a May 3 follow-up, the paper reported that CBS managers had been warned about Rose's conduct on three occasions, as early as in 1986 (long before Moonves worked at the network) and as recently as in April 2017. Among an additional 27 women who came forward with allegations against Rose were 14 CBS News employees."

#MeToo seems to be setting Hollywood on fire and leaving few unscathed at this point. 


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