Report: Liberal NYC Mayor Lets Reporter Get Dragged Away Simply for Asking a Question

August 13, 2018Aug 13, 2018

The Trump administration came under fire recently for banning a CNN reporter from a White House event after they said she was shouting accusatory questions at Rose Garden event, according to the New York Post. Apparently, she was demanding answers on ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and Russian President Vladimir Putin during an unrelated meeting with the president of the European Commission, CNN reported.

The mainstream media gave an enormous outcry, insisting that the Trump administration did not respect freedom of the press, but another incident involving the liberal anti-Trump mayor of New York City is getting very little attention this week.

According to the New York Post, they recently wrote a story critical of Mayor Bill de Blasio meeting with 136 lobbyists in three months. They questioned whether the city was for sale to the highest bidder.

Post reporter Kevin Sheehan attended the Dominican Day Parade in Manhattan on Sunday and approached de Blasio to ask him to comment on the controversy. That’s when the Post says Sheehan was forcefully pushed away by security despite wearing a proper press badge issued to him by security.

Sheehan says he was grabbed by the shoulder and led away from the mayor by to NYPD security officers. De Blasio reportedly watched it all happen and made no move to stop them.

“Kevin, you have to leave. You can’t be here,” one of the officers said.

“Come on, Kevin. No stunts today,” said another.

The mayor’s press secretary later commented about Sheehan, saying, “The Department takes appropriate and necessary measures to protect dignitaries, including the Mayor of the City of New York.”

Meanwhile, it’s crickets from the mainstream media, as of Monday morning.

The Post is owned by News Corp, which was founded by Rupert Murdoch, who founded the parent company of Fox News.

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