Report: Trump to Make Air Force One Look 'More American' and Less Democrat

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

President Trump wants to leave his mark in many ways — primarily, making America great again — but he’s also planning to radically change the look of the U.S. presidency’s most iconic mode of transportation: the Boeing jet that’s referred to as “Air Force One” whenever the president is aboard.

According to The Hill, Axios editor Mike Allen got a scoop about Trump wanting to completely change the paint scheme for the presidential jet, as well as wanting to redo the master bedroom. He didn’t name his insider source.

On Axios, Allen said that the president reportedly spoke with the Boeing CEO about changing the paint scheme to red, white, and blue to give it a “more American look.”

Trump is said to not like “luminous ultramarine” color the presidential planes have been accented with since the early 1960s. He referred to the pale blue as “Jackie Kennedy color.”

Pale blue — or more specifically, robin’s egg blue — was an iconic color for the fashionable wife of Democratic president John F. Kennedy. First Lady Melania even wore something like it for her husband’s inauguration last year.

But Trump reportedly doesn’t think the soft tone represents the U.S. well enough when painted on his plane. He wants something bolder.

Allen says Trump also wants the master bedroom of his Boeing VC-25 to be taken up to the level of his sleeping quarters on his private Boeing 757. His private plane has a normal-looking bed, which is bigger than the couch-like one in his presidential jet.

Trump’s 757 is also painted in a bold red, white, and blue paint scheme. Take a look inside it, including the master bedroom:

Allen says Trump’s changes could cause friction with people used to Air Force One’s traditional look. If the changes aren’t made until the next line of Air Force One planes is completed, though, Trump may only get to see them if he’s reelected in 2020. The two new 747s on the docket will likely not be completed before the next Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, 2021.

Axios came up with their own proposed paint scheme:

By the way, JFK and Jackie Kennedy changed the color scheme of Air Force One because they found the original orange one too “gaudy.” Yikes!

Images: Official White House photos and public domain historical photo

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