Reporter BUSTED on Hot Mic at HS Pro-Trump Rally: ‘Maybe They’ll Call Me a…’

March 12, 2019Mar 12, 2019

A reporter in Arizona was busted by a hot mic during in a Facebook Live video as he covered a pro-Trump rally at Perry High School in Gilbert.

Seemingly unaware he was live on Facebook, reporter Cameron Ridle revealed what he thinks of Trump supporters.

“Lets say I walk right down the sidewalk next to them, maybe they'll call me a n***er,” Ridle allegedly said.

“You’ll come pretty close,” someone else responded.

Listen to the audio below (Warning: offensive language):

The conversation continued even after the offensive remark.

“Yeah, ‘you should go back to school,’ oh boy, that’s an old one, think you need to update your material,” Ridle said.

“First thing I decided to do when I got out of jail this morning was come down here,” the other man added as they continued to laugh.

“Sending this back to all our boys back in county,” Ridle shot back.

Ridle’s employer, AZFamily, is clearly not amused. The company told Breitbart in a statement that they are investigating.

“At Arizona’s Family our expectation is that all employees will treat others with respect. We are aware of the situation and are conducting an investigation,” the statement said.

The video has since been deleted from the AZFamily Facebook page, but the internet is forever. Since then, the video has been uploaded multiple times on Twitter and other social media platforms.

In a previous tweet, Ridle made it clear whose side he was on in the MAGA controversy at the school.

See a pattern of bias here?

This is yet another good example of why Trump supporters don't trust the media.

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