Reporter Claims Trump Is No 'Consoler-in-Chief' — Parkland Dad Can't Stay Silent

September 11, 2018Sep 11, 2018

MSNBC reporter Geoff Bennett decided to editorialize during his coverage of President Donald Trump’s 9/11 speech in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, claiming the GOP president doesn’t have the DNA to be a “consoler-in-chief.”

"Clearly, the president was responding to people who were happy to see him. He got a lot of applause lines here today. What’s also true about the president is that he’s not yet really displayed a capacity for the pastoral elements of the presidency," Bennett said.

He added, "He’s not really taken to being a consoler-in-chief. It’s not in his DNA. In this instance, there was a moment in time the president was happy to see people who were happy to see him."

Watch Trump's 9/11 speech below:

The reporter made several assumptions. However, it was not reporting, it was offering an opinion.

One man who has seen that side of the president personally was unable to remain silent on the issue.

Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter in the deadly Parkland school shooting, said he’s met President Trump three times privately and Bennett’s statement doesn’t hold up at all.

“I’ve met him three times privately. He always makes a point to meet myself and family and remembers my daughter, Meadow,” Pollack told the Daily Caller on Tuesday.

Pollack revealed that Trump “went out of his way to ask us how we are all doing. Brought his son and daughter over to us to meet us, also.” In a stunning revelation, the grieving father said he can call Trump’s staff at any time and get the president a message.

“[Trump] can be empathetic and compassionate,” Pollack added. “The media just doesn’t show that side of his personality.”

They never will.

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