Restraining Order Granted Against Michael Avenatti; Aspiring Actress Describes Violent Altercations

November 20, 2018Nov 20, 2018

Michael Avenatti, the aspiring Democratic presidential candidate and lawyer for adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels, was hit with another blow on Monday when an aspiring actress had her restraining order against him granted.

According to Fox News, the young Estonian actress Mareli Miniutti got her wish after filing for the restraining order shortly after Avenatti’s arrest by the LAPD after he was accused of domestic abuse.

After making bail and getting released from jail, Avenatti claimed that the accusation against him was made up and fingered Jacob Wohl — who NBC News describes as a “far-right conspiracy theorist” — as the alleged culprit.

But Miniutti, who was Avenatti’s live-in girlfriend until last week, says he is lying and detailed multiple incidents of abuse, according to CNN.

She says a verbal fight about money broke out between them last week and resulted in Avenatti calling her an “ungrateful f------ b----.” He then approached her threateningly and "began forcefully hitting me in the face with pillows from the bed” before grabbing her arm.

It escalated violently from there.

"He dragged me on the floor of the apartment towards and out of the door into the public hallway," Miniutti described. "I was wearing only my underwear and T-shirt at the time, and suffered scratches to the bare skin on my side and leg."

She was able to grab a pair of pants to put on and went downstairs — with Avenatti following her — to have a friend pick her up. She says when her friend saw the red marks on her body from the attack, her friend insisted she call the police. That call led to Avenatti’s arrest.

Miniutti also described another time when Avenatti was allegedly intoxicated and angry with her.

She says he “pushed me out of the apartment into the public hallway where I hit my head against a door across the hallway” and “then threw my shoes at me, striking me in the leg."

"A man should never raise a hand to a woman,” Miniutti said. “To any woman."

Avenatti’s attorneys claim that it was Miniutti who “behaved in a volatile, agitated and irrational manner.” Avenatti claims he has security footage to back up his claims of innocence.

Minuitti’s estranged husband is standing up for her, saying “she was never aggressive” during their marriage and "she's a very calm, well-mannered, respectful individual. Very polite. Classy woman.”

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