Rush for President?! Limbaugh Says It’s Now a Real Possibility Because of Trump

November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has been a leading voice of conservatism in America for over three decades now, but despite many pleas from his listeners throughout the years, he has staunchly refused to seriously considering running for U.S. president.

But because of President Trump, that has now changed.

A caller named Claire from Bradenton, Florida spoke with 67-year-old Rush on Wednesday about the rousing intro he gave for Trump at a recent rally in Rush’s hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

“That was one of the best rallies I’ve ever seen with Trump. You opened for him in Cape Girardeau, you looked amazing, you looked healthy, you looked happy,” Claire said.

But then she added, “And I really don’t want you to say no, but I just think you really should consider running for president after Trump because I think after him, there is no one else. There’s nobody with this personality that he has that’s so big other than you, and loves the country as much as we do.”

“I am deeply flattered,” Rush replied. “In the past when it’s been suggested I run for any office — not president, any office — I said I wouldn’t have a prayer simply because I’ve been speaking 15 hours a week for 30 years.”

“And oppo[sition] research can go find anything they want that would kill my candidacy. The word feminazi might kill my candidacy,” he explained, referring to how he has long referred to militant feminists.

“But now with Trump having busted through all those kinds of barriers, it may be possible now, whereas prior to today, prior to Trump it would not have been,” Rush told Claire. “So, well, I’m not flat-out saying no. I’m gonna have to reassess it at some point.”

“I’m just telling you, before Trump, Claire, it would not have been possible.”

The caller was jubilant, telling him, “I agree! I agree! But you’re Rush! Everybody loves you! And all I really care about is my grandkids and growing up in a great country like I’ve been privileged to grow up in. And you love this country like he does.”

“If you love the person running, you’re gonna vote for ’em,” Claire continued. “People think that everybody just gives Trump a pass on what he’s doing. We don’t like some of it, but we don’t care ’cause we like what he represents. Does that make sense?”

“Totally!” Rush agreed, going on to explain how CNN spends so much time nitpicking everything Trump says in order to discredit him but spends no time trying to understand why he’s so popular.

“They’re beating their heads against the wall when it comes to trying to convert Trump supporters and voters,” Rush continued. “All they’re doing is thinking that you’re stupid and dumb and dangerous and that if they just pummel Trump enough that you will finally wake up and admit the mistake you made in voting for him.”

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