Rush Limbaugh Comes out Swinging at Trump Rally — Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild with Excitement

November 06, 2018Nov 06, 2018

Senatorial candidate Josh Hawley of Missouri had the rally of his lifetime on Monday as three of the most powerful political voices in America came together to pump up the crowd the day before the hugely anticipated midterm elections.

According to the Southeast Missourian, Hawley’s special guests included President Trump, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News host Sean Hannity. The crowd was also serenaded by country music star Lee Greenwood with his famous “God Bless the USA.”

The rally was already electric when Rush, who has been a voice of conservatism in America for three decades, took the stage in his hometown of Cape Girardeau.

“What an honor! This is so exciting!” Rush exclaimed as the crowd roared with excitement at the beginning of his 10-minute introduction for the president.

“You all are so great. It’s electric in here,” he continued. “This is unreal!”

The crowd got even louder and started chanting, “USA! USA! USA!”

Reacting to how he, Trump, and other Republicans being labeled divisive, Rush exclaimed, “Divisive?! The Democrats haven’t even accepted that they lost the election in 2016. That’s what this is all about!”

He pointed out that “there isn’t a single elected official who can do what this is tonight, other than Donald Trump. [Obama] is drawing crowds of a thousand people, two thousand people.”

“Joe Biden can’t fill a phone booth because he’s looking for somebody to punch out.”

“[Trump] has a connection. There is no other politician with a connection to voters like this,” Rush observed as the crowd cheered. “And Washington can’t stand it. The establishment can’t stand it at all.”

“We love our country and we want the best for everybody in it,” he said, expressing conservative ideals in the way he’s become famous for. “We want the best for our kids and our grandkids. We want everybody to be great. We want everybody to experience the American dream.”

“They say we’re divisive,” Rush continued. “But we’re not divisive. We’re defending an American that has strayed from our founding. Nothing to do with race, nothing to do with gender, nothing to do with any of these identity politics labels. It has to do with culture, it has to do with protecting and defending the Constitution, pure and simple.”

“You know, the bond that exists between you and everybody else that’s been to a Trump rally is something that politicians envy, and the people in Washington haven’t really taken the time to understand why you voted for Trump,” he said. “They just think you’re stupid for doing so.”

He added that Washington politicians think Trump supporters are poor and uneducated and angry.

“You’re not angry. You love people. You want your country to be the greatest it can be, and you finally got somebody willing to help you do it!” Rush pointed out.

Watch the best part of Rush’s speech below:

Watch the full 10-minute speech below:

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