Limbaugh: I’m Convinced the Media Doesn’t Want Biden to Win

June 12, 2019Jun 12, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden may be the leading Democratic presidential candidate in national polls, but America’s leading conservative radio talk show host doesn’t think his time in the sun will last.

In fact, he thinks the mainstream media is gunning for a different candidate to be the Democrat Party’s nominee.

Rush Limbaugh made that declaration on his show Wednesday after Biden made a big speech in Iowa on Tuesday. It had been a hotly anticipated speech, one that CNN even threw objectivity to the wind to say in their on-screen graphic, “Biden to eviscerate Trump in Iowa speech today.”

But he didn’t end up eviscerating Trump, and the media realized it, Limbaugh said.

He pointed out that the 76-year-old candidate “looked feeble” during his speech “and didn’t even raise his voice” or “get all that passionate” after “CNN raised expectations so high that Plugs [Biden] had no way of meeting them.”

In contrast, the mainstream media was in love with Hillary Clinton during her failed presidential run, Limbaugh said, and, “If Hillary Clinton had done what Biden did yesterday back in 2016, there would be nothing but glowing support for Hillary Clinton today.”

“They would have ignored the lowlights, they would have lied about the highlights, they would have followed through and said that she did eviscerate Trump,” Limbaugh explained. “They would have hidden any video that made her look weak or unsure on her feet. They would have hidden any video that made her stumbling across words.”

But “they didn’t do any of that with Biden,” he said. “And it tells me that Plugs is not really their guy. I’m just giving you a heads-up here that Plugs isn’t gonna last.”

Meanwhile, as Biden sinks in the polls, Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren is on the rise, even jumping past second-place Bernie Sanders in a couple of national polls, Politico reported on Wednesday.

A just-released Economist/YouGov poll put Biden at 26 percent, Warren at 16 percent, and Sanders at 12 percent. On average, though, Sanders is still in second place according to a roundup of national polls by RealClearPolitics.

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