Rush Limbaugh: 'I Firmly Stand with Donald Trump'

February 28, 2019Feb 28, 2019

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh had a fiery debate with a liberal Thursday over whether conservatives can, in good faith, still support President Trump after what’s being revealed in the Michael Cohen hearing.

On his show, a caller named Gerald from Worcester, Massachusetts insisted that Trump is a “very, very poor administrator” for hiring a sleazy personal attorney like Cohen.

Talking to his listeners, Rush told them that Gerald “is asking me to explain how in the h--- can I continue to support Donald Trump when he had such a thug as his personal fixer for 10 years.”

“Well, many of those years that you’re talking about, Trump was in one of the most vicious, cutthroat businesses in New York, and that’s real estate,” Rush answered. “But, you know, he’s not alone here. Take a look at all the sleaze it turns out was in the FBI looking for Trump, the people that have been fired, the people that have been demoted, the people that have been exposed.”

“Look at all of the questionable, dubious characters that have been surrounding the Clintons ever since their Arkansas days,” he concluded. “Trump is by no means alone in having questionable people on his staff, nowhere near alone.”

“No, but that doesn’t exonerate Trump,” the caller shot back. “I mean, he’s your hero.”

“I don’t have heroes except for myself. He’s not my hero. I admire him,” Rush corrected him. “Donald Trump is the only thing standing between your side getting power and destroying the country as I know it. So I don’t care who he hires. I don’t care what he’s got going on as his personal fixer. The guy has to succeed, as far as I’m concerned.”

Why? Because Rush said he’s “scared to death” of what liberal extremists will do to America “if they get unchecked power.”

“Trump right now is the only guy standing in their way.”

“He’s amoral, he lies,” Gerald countered.

“You know, you don’t have this exclusive claim on morality, for crying out loud. You guys have done more to blow up the American moral code than Trump could ever try to!” Rush pointed out.

“You’re just casting about trying to say, ‘Well, everybody else does it.’ But you aren’t willing to exonerate — to point out Trump’s difficulties,” the caller claimed. “You just aren’t willing to do it because, as I say, he’s your savior.”

“Well, you know, is the objective here — you want me to condemn my team, you want me to condemn my side and somehow I have to do that in order to be acceptable to you?” Rush said. “I don’t see you guys condemning your side. You guys — race riots start and you’re right in there blowing ’em up and helping to amplify them.”

“You encourage this stuff,” he continued. “You encourage the breakdown of modern American society and civility. And then you come to me and claim that I refuse to be critical of Donald Trump because he’s my savior? No, it’s not because he’s my savior.”

“He’s the last line of defense against a movement I think is doing great damage to the country.”

As for the accusation that Trump is a “very, very poor administrator,” Rush replied, “I think he’s a phenomenal administrator. And I think he’s got a track record of success his whole life to prove it.”

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