Limbaugh: Mueller Report Should be Titled ‘Trump Attempted to Obstruct our Coup’

April 18, 2019Apr 18, 2019

The mainstream media has gotten people thinking about the Mueller Report in exactly the wrong way.

That’s what conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh made clear to his audience on Thursday after the full, redacted report of the investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion was released.

“This entire thing is bogus from the beginning,” Limbaugh said.

“This report is just the latest installment of the ongoing effort to convince as many Americans as possible that Donald Trump is illegitimate, that his election was illegitimate, that he’s a bad guy and that he doesn’t deserve to be president,” he continued. “He may not have colluded with Russia, but he sure as h--- tried to get in the way of our investigation.”

“There should not have been an investigation,” he continued. “It is incorrect to characterize what [Special Counsel] Robert Mueller’s thing was as an investigation.”

“It was disguised as an attempt to find out if the Russians had indeed affected our elections,” Limbaugh said. “And so this thing that was actually a coup occurs under the auspices of an investigation, and everybody called it the investigation so it was established in the mindset of the American public it was an investigation, but it never was.”

The liberal media has been jumping all over the Mueller report saying “we cannot conclusively exonerate” Trump.

But Limbaugh pointed out that the media is being misleading on how they present that because exoneration is “not the role of the prosecutor. It’s not the role of any investigator. You can’t exonerate somebody, and they can’t exonerate themselves.”

He also went after Mueller for saying in the report that, “We are unable to conclude no criminal conduct occurred,” which the media took as evidence that it did occur.

“You’re unable to conclude that no criminal conduct — then what the h--- are you writing 400 pages for?” the talk show host demanded. “You don’t do this to people you’re attempting to prosecute. You find nothing on ’em and then submit a 400-page report about it? That isn’t done except in this case.”

He also went after CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin for suggesting Trump should be impeached because he attempted to obstruct the investigation by wanting to fire Mueller.

“If you intend to obstruct justice, you may have well have obstructed justice,” Limbaugh retorted. “No, you don’t obstruct justice just by intending to.”

He pointed out that Trump didn’t, and instead, “they cooperated, millions of documents. The president answered written questions.”

“Donald Trump attempted to obstruct our coup, is how this should read,” Limbaugh added. “Donald Trump attempted to obstruct our effort to throw him out of office, is how this report should read.”

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