Rush Limbaugh Reveals What Trump's 2nd Term Will Look Like

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

President Trump will turn the image of what a second-term president looks like completely on its head.

That’s what Rush Limbaugh is predicting in anticipation of a 2020 win.

The conservative radio talk show host revealed his beliefs late last week on his nationally syndicated program, starting out by saying, “Personally, I think Trump will win in a landslide in 2020.”

“I don’t think the Dems have anybody that can compete with him at this point.”

He noted that, typically, “Second-term presidents are immediate lame ducks,” and they have a hard time staying in the daily news cycle as everyone shifts focus on who will be elected next. But he believes Trump will have “no trouble” doing that.

“I think Trump is going to be unlike many, if not all, second-term presidents,” Rush said. “Trump, I think, has a chance to redefine the standard operating behavior of second-term presidencies simply based on his ability to take up all the oxygen in the room.”

“As long as Trump is president, he’s going to remain the focus of the media each and every day,” he continued. “I don’t think they have the ability to look beyond him. They’ll try.”

As for what Trump will actually do in his second term, Rush predicted, “So we assume that Trump’s second term is a build on his first term, that the progress continues. The economy continues to roar. The immigration problem gets fixed.”

And Trump has a chance to make his influence continue after his second term is done.

“He has an opportunity here to actually construct an agenda that survives long after he does,” Rush said. “Which, if I were ever a president, that would be my objective, by the way. I would want to do things in such a way that the left couldn’t tear it down, at least not easily.”

But Rush fears it’s possible that “Never Trumpers” in the Republican establishment are “going to wave good-bye to Trump and everything that was Trump, and they’re gonna start reasserting.”

That’s what happened after President Ronald Reagan finished his second term, Rush explained, and mainstream Republicans may “nominate some mainstream, Never Trumper guy to be president claiming to get their party back, claiming the Trump years were an aberration.”

So it’ll come down to how strong of a legacy Trump can create in his second term to make his changes last into the next Republican administration, Rush concluded.

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