Sacha Baron Cohen Exposed, Humiliated by Gun Store Owner During Undercover Stunt

July 18, 2018Jul 18, 2018

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen may have successfully duped several Republicans into making fools of themselves on camera, but a gun store owner in Riverside, California, turned the tables on the Hollywood troublemaker.

Cohen visited the Warrior One gun shop under false pretenses, claiming he was a Hungarian immigrant interested in buying a gun. The camera crew that was with him claimed they were a documentary film crew.

However, the store’s owner, Norris Sweidan, wasn’t fooled for even one second.

“Tight a** leather pants, a beard, it just didn’t fit,” he told Fox 11.

What he said next made Cohen bolt for the exit.

“And I just kept looking at the guy and I was like you’re Borat, as soon as I said that his eyes just looked at me like, and he did a turn right out the door,” Sweidan recalled.

Watch the full video below:

The gun shop owner said it was clear Cohen was there to make a “mockery” of American gun owners.

“Once I knew it was Borat, we already know his game and his bulls**t, so we knew he’s here to make a mockery. And of what? Gun owners? The gun business, gun shops,” Sweidan said.

He also had some tough words for gun advocates who did fall into Cohen’s trap.

“You’ve got some gun advocate holding a bunny on some gun,” he said. “If you’re a gun advocate, what the f*** are you doing holding a gun with a bunny on it, really?”

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