San Francisco Gives Treat to Illegal Border Crossers, Breaks the Law While Doing It

July 17, 2018Jul 17, 2018

If you’ve crossed the border into the U.S., flagrantly flouting America’s immigration law and sovereignty, the progressive paradise of San Francisco will have a special treat for you.

According to ABC 7, the city of San Francisco is officially handing out special voter registration forms to non-citizens — people who are not legally allowed to vote, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform. While the forms do not apply to state or federal elections, they are still intended to allow illegal aliens to vote in the local school board election.

School board supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer argued that everyone with a kid should be allowed to vote for school board members, even if they’re not supposed to legally be in the U.S. in the first place. She tailored her wording in a sly attempt to make that sound sensible.

"As a parent myself and a former member of the SF Board of Education it is critical that the voices of all parents are at the table particularly those that have historically been denied a voice in the process," she said.

There are some restrictions on which non-citizens can register to vote in the school board election. One, they have to be at least 18 by election day. Two, they must be caring for a school-age kid. Three, they must be a San Francisco resident.

But what qualifies you to be a resident of San Francisco? You simply have to prove that you live in the city and have to state that you intend to stay long-term, according to Healthy San Francisco, which is run by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

That doesn’t make sense to people like Republican National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, who argued, "I don't think that people who have otherwise tenuous ties to San Francisco given their lack of legal residence should be making long-term decisions about that structure and process.”

Dhillon didn’t support her city’s decision to allow illegal aliens to vote, explaining, "The reason I voted against it is that I think the right to vote is something that goes along with citizenship and should be.”

The next school board election is Nov. 6.

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