WATCH: Sarah Sanders Faces CNN's Acosta for First Time Since Explosive Fight

November 27, 2018Nov 27, 2018

After nearly a month of no press conferences, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders clashed with CNN’s Jim Acosta once again on Tuesday, this time over President Donald Trump’s stance on the Khashoggi murder.

Rather than ask questions, Acosta began with a series of statements.

“Trump doesn't believe the warnings in the climate report. He doesn't believe the CIA when it comes to Khashoggi,” Acosta began.

“That’s not true,” Sanders interjected.

Acosta continued, “The president doesn't believe his intelligence agencies about Russian meddling. Why doesn't he have faith in his advisers?”

Sanders clearly wasn’t in the mood for Acosta’s antics this time around.

“The president has a great deal of faith in the intelligence community and, certainly, in the team that he has assembled around him,” Sanders responded. “However, I’ve addressed the climate report, there’s really nothing else to add on that front.”

When Acosta pressed Sanders his claim that Trump doesn’t “believe” the CIA on the Saudi crown prince’s involvement in the Jamal Khashoggi killing, she hit back hard.

Watch the video below:

“We haven’t seen definitive evidence come from our intelligence community that ties him directly to that,” Sanders shot back. “What we have seen is a number of individuals that we know are tied to that, and those individuals have been sanctioned.”

Sanders said the Trump administration has taken decisive action against the individuals found to be involved in the murder of Khashoggi.

“As he said, we’ll see what happens beyond that, and if there’s more definitive information we’ll make a decision at that point,” she concluded.

That was a real news beatdown of CNN’s Acosta.