WATCH: Sanders Triggers Media During Surprise Briefing, Torches Dems on Mueller Report

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders held an impromptu press briefing with reporters on Tuesday where she blasted Democrats for refusing to let the Russia “collusion” conspiracy go even after Robert Mueller’s final report cleared President Donald Trump.

Sanders said Trump hasn’t even been briefed on the report and is allowing Attorney General William Barr to make the decision about releasing the full report to the Congress.

"We know by the actions that we've seen from and other Democrats in Congress, is that the President's right. They will never be satisfied. They're sore losers,” Sanders said.

She continued: "They lost in 2016. They lost because they tried to convince all of America of something that we all knew was untrue, that the president had concluded with Russia. It was a total lie then. It's a total lie now."

Watch the video below:

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Sanders also addressed Trump’s threat to shut down the border if Congress refuses to address the crisis.

"Democrats in Congress are leaving us no choice. This is not the path the president wants to take, but they're leaving us no choice because they're unwilling to work with us to fix the problem,” Sanders said.

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If you really think about it, the Russia conspiracy is really all Democrats have to run on in 2020. Don't expect them to stop spreading the fake news until after the election.

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