Sarah Sanders Blasts Dishonest New Media for Ignoring Facts Americans Care About

June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders faces a hostile press corp on almost a daily basis as she leads press briefings, and in a new address to the American people, she’s calling out the mainstream media for ignoring facts that Americans want to hear about.

Speaking to Fox News, Sanders blasted the media’s obsession with their Trump-Russia collusion narrative. She called it a “fake witch hunt” and said reporters are badgering her with questions about it and taking attention away from the incredible things that are happening in the U.S. under Trump’s administration.

“They forgot to mention the things that Americans actually care about, like the booming economy,” she said. “We have the best economy we’ve had since World War II, and they refuse to talk about that.”

“The stock market is growing, people actually have jobs. People that need jobs and wants jobs can actually get them,” Sanders continued, referring to a recent jobs report that was so outstanding that the New York Times actually admitted that they ran out of good words to describe it.

Black unemployment also at its lowest since data tracking started in 1972.

“The fact that that wasn’t something that was talked about [during Monday’s press conference], that was totally ignored,” Sanders added. “The fact that ISIS is on the run and being defeated day after day.”

In late May, over 50 Taliban leaders were also killed by U.S. Marines in the span of about a week. ISIS is struggling so much that Trump has shifted some of the combat focus back to the defeating the more deeply entrenched Taliban in Afghanistan.

Sanders wasn’t done yet, pointing out more things reporters ignored, like “the fact that the president has completely remade the judiciary. The fact that we are becoming an energy independent and energy dominant country under this president’s leadership.”

“They ignore all of the successes of this president, and it’s too their detriment,” she concluded. “I think the American people have seen it, and that’s why the media’s numbers continue to tank and president’s numbers continue to go up.

Watch the full video clip below:

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