WATCH: Sen. Graham Strikes Fear in Hearts of Dems With Promise on Mueller Probe

March 25, 2019Mar 25, 2019

Sen. Lindsey Graham (D-S.C.) struck fear in the hearts of Democrats on Monday when he called for a new Special Counsel investigation into the FBI, DOJ, and Democrats to see if they played a role in the political targeting of President Donald Trump.

Graham, of course, began with the news that Trump has been cleared of allegations that he “colluded” with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

"To those wanting an outcome of removing Trump, you’ve got to be disappointed. To those who wanted someone to look at Trump without interference, you have to be pleased,” Graham said.

He added: “To those who are happy that your president has been cleared of working with a foreign power, I think you’re a good American.”

Graham said the FISA warrant issued against former Trump official Carter Page was based on the Steele dossier, a fact that is “disturbing.” He then vowed to get answers.

"The FISA warrant issued against Carter Page based on a dossier prepared by Christopher Steele is at a minimum disturbing. Whether or not it's illegal, I don't yet know, so I'm going to get answers to this,” Graham said.

The Republican senator seems to be going into the process knowing that he will not get any help from Democrats in Congress.

"What makes no sense to me is that all the abuse by the Department of Justice, in the FBI the unprofessional conduct, the shady behavior — nobody seems think that's much important,” he added.

Not only do Democrats no longer have the "collusion" line to help them in 2020, they are now about to the subject of a new investigation. It looks like their plan backfired in a major way.

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