Shock: Will Smith Praises Kanye West for Going Against Grain, Supporting Trump

July 30, 2018Jul 30, 2018

It was a shock to the liberal Hollywood world when rapper Kanye West jumped aboard the Trump train — a big shock, something around 8.0 magnitude.

Now actor Will Smith may trigger an aftershock by throwing his support behind West for being willing to go against the pop culture grain. Smith was doing a rare hour-long interview with Rap Radar when he brought up Kanye’s startling departure from Hollywood politics, according to Billboard.

“What makes an MC great is an MC’s ability to create music that elevates other human beings,” said Smith, who is also a musician. “And that’s not an easy task, to be able to say and do things that elevate people.”

And then he added, “That’s what I love about Kanye right now. It’s like, he’s willing to take the smashdown in order to push ideas.”


Pushing pro-Trump ideas is something that Kanye has been doing since even before President Trump won the election. He has met with Trump personally to discuss black community issues and especially triggered liberals when he donned a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Trump has also seen an unlikely ally in Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian West. While not as vocal in supporting Trump, Kim was willing to meet with the president in order to negotiate the release of an imprisoned grandmother.

Asked about her visit with the president afterward by CNN’s far left host Van Jones, Kim said, “He heard me out, we got the job done.”

She also denied Jones’ accusation that she was allowing herself to be a “political pawn” of Trump and didn’t see any problem with “giving him legitimacy” as a president by meeting with him.

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