SHOTS FIRED: Multiple People Down as Police Rush to Respond to Hospital Attack

November 19, 2018Nov 19, 2018

Reports flooded in Monday afternoon that police were responding to a shooting at a hospital in Chicago’s South Side.

According to ABC 7, multiple injuries have been reported after gunfire was heard inside and outside Mercy Hospital. Up to nine shots were fired. Some people reported up to 20.

At least one officer was injured in the shooting. A suspect has been shot, too, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“[The officer] is in critical condition but receiving excellent care,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. “Please send your prayers.”

Camera footage showed people running from the hospital as authorities rushed to secure the scene.

“They told us to run so we did,” one hospital employee told the Tribune.

"I am scared as hell,” another hospital employee exclaimed to ABC 7. “I have never been so scared, I hear of shootings going on every day at people's workplaces, but not where I work at.”

“This was very too close to me. That could have been us back there and if any bullets had pierced the wall we all would have been hurt," the employee added.

Watch live coverage below as this story develops:

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