‘Sleepy Joe’ Says Margaret Thatcher is Concerned About Trump; There’s One Problem

May 06, 2019May 06, 2019

“Sleepy Joe” Biden might have been snoozing a little on the campaign trail when he said a woman who died six years ago was concerned about the state of America under President Trump.

According to Fox News, the leading Democratic presidential candidate said it was former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who expressed her deep worry.

One problem: Thatcher, who worked with President Ronald Reagan to destroy the Soviet Union and deliver a huge blow to the spread of communism, died in 2013.

Biden later corrected himself, saying it was a “Freudian slip” and claiming that he meant current British Prime Minister Theresa May instead. May was born 26 years after Thatcher and bears few similarities to her in appearance or politics.

His slip-up was reminiscent of the times — more than once — when then-77-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to Trump as “President Bush” while criticizing him. That mistake and the slurring, rambling speeches he gave recently — also reminiscent of Pelosi — have led some people to wonder if 76-year-old Biden is doing alright.

Biden got roundly mocked online for his mistake, including by his own party.

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