Smollett Case Unsealed, Disturbing Statement Jussie Made to Police Revealed

May 31, 2019May 31, 2019

A case file involving former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett’s allegedly faked attack has been unsealed. Although redacted, it’s revealing some fascinating details.

The Chicago Police believe Smollett actually staged an attack on himself with his friends, the Osundairo brothers, before claiming it was President Trump supporters that went after him for being an openly gay, black man. The hundreds of pages of documents that were released address that.

One interesting tidbit, in particular, is that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s prosecutor office presented the idea back in February that Smollett would have all charges dropped against him, be given a $10,000 fine, and be required to do community service, according to CBS Chicago.

That’s what ended up happening. But the Chicago Police detectives were surprised by it because they thought such a deal would have required Smollett to admit guilt. It didn’t and he didn’t. Police supervisors were blindsided when Smollett’s 16 felony charges were dropped because word of that possible deal was never sent up the chain to them.

Another detail that came out of the documents was the disturbing comment Smollett made about Abel and Ola Osundairo, who admitted to police that they helped their friend stage the whole scene.

When Smollett was given a line-up of photos of potential suspects to look at, he refused to look at them on the advice of his attorney. Two of the photos were of the brothers.

Later, Smollett did finally look at the photos, and upon seeing the brothers, exclaimed, "Can't be them, they are black as sin."


The “Empire” actor has long maintained that his assailants were white Trump supporters. The Osundairo brothers are Nigerian.

A bit of news that recently came out is that the Osundairo brothers are suing famed attorney Mark Geragos for defamation. They claim that Geragos and his legal team destroyed their reputation for life on national television by telling lies about them.

Geragos was named as a co-conspirator in an extortion case against Nike allegedly led by Stormy Daniels’ former attorney Michael Avenatti. Geragos is also activist and Nike promoter Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer.

The Smollett documents also detailed his alleged drug deal with one of the Osundairo brothers, the Chicago Tribune reported. Text messages showed the actor wanting to pay for “weed, molly, or Whitney.” “Molly” and “Whitney” are slang for ecstasy and cocaine.

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