Starbucks CEO Rips Apart AOC’s Promises of Free Stuff, Makes Her Look Ridiculous

March 12, 2019Mar 12, 2019

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who was born to poverty but built a worldwide coffee empire, is a liberal who is considering running for president as an independent because he thinks the socialist direction the Democratic Party is going would doom our country.

At the South by Southwest festival in Austin this past weekend, he focused on what he sees as the biggest disaster of all: AOC and her Green New Deal.

Talking to a young crowd, Schultz ripped into Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ plan to grow the federal government’s size and power to levels few people have ever dreamed off.

“I read that by 2030 they’re suggesting that every building in America becomes clean energy, conforms to clean energy. Just to put that in perspective, because it’s not realistic, that would mean that between 2,000 and 3,000 buildings a day would have to be reconstructed to conform to what they’re saying,” Schultz said, addressing one of the plans laid out in the Green New Deal fact sheet.

“So let’s be sensible about what we’re suggesting.”

“Let’s propose things that are true, that are honest, that are sincere, and that are realistic,” he continued.

He also addressed Ocasio-Cortez’ plans for free college tuition, free Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, and guaranteed “economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

“There’s nothing free in America,” Schultz said, laying out the cold, hard, and blatantly obvious truth.

“So these proposals about Medicare for all, and free college, and a government job for everybody — that is not free,” he continued. “So someone is going to have to pay for that, and that means that taxes for everyone is going to have to go up or someone’s going to have to wave a magic wand and do something that doesn’t exist but that has to be paid for by somebody.”

“And the difficulty in trying to pay for any of that is we’re sitting with $22 trillion of debt that has to be addressed,” he added.

But he wasn’t done yet.

“I don’t understand how you’re going to give a job for everybody, how you’re going to give free college to everybody, how you’re going to create clean energy throughout the country in every building of the land,” Schultz. “I think it’s immoral to suggest that we can tally up $20, $30, $40, $50 trillion of debt to solve a problem that could be solved in a different way.”

He didn’t receive applause from the young crowd. Ocasio-Cortez, on the other hand, was warmly received when she told the Millennials in attendance that they shouldn’t worry about automation taking away their jobs because that just means they won’t have to work as much and will have more free time.

As for the biblical principle of “he who does not work shall not eat,” the socialist congresswoman said, “we live in a society where if you don’t have a job, you are left to die. And that is, at its core, our problem."

During a CNN town hall event in February, Schultz also trashed the Green New Deal, saying, “let’s be sensible about what we’re suggesting. Let’s not just throw stuff against the wall because it’s a good slogan or we get a press release.”

“Let’s be truthful.”

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