Democrat Busted in Secret Recording Making SICK Remark About Female GOP Lawmaker

August 10, 2018Aug 10, 2018

Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) was busted by a secret recording joking that he hopes Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) jumps off a bridge.

Ironically, Cohen was speaking at a community prayer breakfast at the Broadway Baptist Church in Memphis when he made the sick comment.

“The big orange president, that’s not somebody from Knoxville, he’s going to come down here and endorse Marsha Blackburn,” Cohen says in the recording. “Because Marsha Blackburg, if he says jump off the Harahan bridge, she’d jump off the Harahan bridge.”

He added, “I wish he’d say that.”

Listen to the shocking audio below:

The Harahan bridge connects the states of Tennessee and Arkansas over the Mississippi river.

Several people in the audience laughed, while a few people can seemingly be heard groaning.

Cohen later backtracked when the recording emerged, saying it was “obviously humor.”

"I wish her no harm. I hope she doesn’t get the Senate. And I wish she wasn’t a lackey for Trump. But I don’t wish her physical harm,” he said.

Imagine the 24/7 news coverage if a Republican lawmaker wished a female Democrat jumped off a bridge. Don't expect much outrage over Cohen's comment because he has the right letter next to his name.

While Cohen was busy making sick remarks, Blackburn was showing her gratitude to America's veterans.

She hasn't responded to Cohen's attack yet, but she doesn't really have to -- her actions speak louder than the Democrat's words.

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