Steven Crowder: Disney, Netflix Threatening to Boycott Georgia is One Giant Bluff

May 30, 2019May 30, 2019

In the wake of Georgia passing a pro-life “heartbeat” law banning abortion in most cases, some of the biggest film and TV production companies in the world have been virtue signaling like mad.

In other words, they’ve been throwing a hissy fit to show people just how “woke” and outraged they are.

But conservative commentator Steven Crowder thinks it’s one giant bluff.

According to CNN, Disney, Netflix, and WarnerMedia have all threatened to stop filming in Georgia if the state upholds its new abortion ban. The Peach State has become a popular Hollywood destination because of the tax credits it gives.

In fact, “455 film and TV projects [were] shot in Georgia in the past year,” FOX 28 Media reported last August.

Crowder thinks the financial incentives are a big reason why those big media companies won’t end up boycotting Georgia.

“Saving fat stacks to make more fat stacks is what Hollywood is all about,” he observed. “Disney, Netflix, they’re just puffing out their chests for virtue signaling.”

Crowder also pointed out that Disney, especially, would be damaging their bottom line because they make “a sizable chunk of its money by selling movie tickets to teenagers and children.” More abortions mean fewer children, which shrinks their potential audience.

Other observers have pointed out that families with more kids — and a greater desire to purchase children’s products — are more likely to be pro-life. Angering them with a boycott over an abortion ban would be risky.

Asked if the boycott of Georgia would actually happen, Disney CEO Bob Iger was certainly noncommittal.

“I rather doubt we will,” he said. “I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully.”

Some actors and actresses have outright said they won’t do work in Georgia or any other states with strict abortion bans — such as Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ohio.

According to The Hill, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” actresses Jessica Chastain and Sophie Turner are refusing to work in Georgia. If they sign up for a movie that ends up wanting to do some filming there, it’ll be interesting to see who wins that battle.

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