Students WALK OUT in Protest When CO Shooting Vigil Turns Into Gun Control Rally

May 09, 2019May 09, 2019

Hundreds of students at Colorado’s STEM School Highlands Ranch walked out of the vigil for Tuesday’s shooting victims after it was hijacked to push gun control.

The students later reconvened outside to honor the shooting victims.

“Frustrated, crying and angry, #STEMschool shooting victims hold an impromptu vigil in the rain Wednesday after leaving a gun-control vigil they felt inappropriately politicized their trauma,” USA Today reporter Trevor Hughes reported.

Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv called the gun control display “disgusting.”

“Students from the STEM school walked out of vigil turned gun-control rally,” he tweeted. “Refusing to have their trauma be politicized.”

He continued: “This is disgusting from the Left. Within ONE day they are already pushing their agenda. Let the kids mourn and grieve.”

Instead of politicizing the shooting, Kashuv argued we should be talking about the heroes, including Kendrick Castillo, who gave his life trying to protect his fellow students.

Instead of politicizing the shooting for gun-control. Remember the heroes.

Kendrick Castillo gave his life, to defend his classmates. He rushed the shooter,” he tweeted. Elevate this heroes name. Kendrick Castillo.”

It doesn't matter what the circumstances or facts are, the left will immediately politicize a shooting and exploit it to push gun control. It happens every time and it's disrespectful to the victims and survivors who need time to grieve and process their trauma.

Join us in praying for the victims of the Colorado shooting and their families.

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