Teachers Get Shot with Airsoft Gun, Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Ban on Almost Every Gun

March 22, 2019Mar 22, 2019

Headlines like “Teachers Reportedly Shot ‘Execution Style’ With Pellets In Active Shooter Drill” from news outlets like the Huffington Post horrified the nation this week.

According to IndyStar, the incident took place as part of an active-shooter training session at an Indiana elementary school in January but became national news on Thursday. Interestingly enough, the IndyStar chose to use a photo of a foam-ball-firing Nerf Rival gun in their tweet.

The actual gun used was an airsoft gun, which shoots tiny plastic pellets that deliver a sting. Getting shot by one is less painful than getting hit with a paintball round, and teenagers often enjoying firing them at each other — hopefully with protective eyewear.

In this particular incident, a couple teachers were made to kneel on the floor and were shot unexpectedly in the back multiple times by White County Sheriff’s Office. It’s an unusual practice, but not an unheard of one, and was likely used to spark panic in the teachers to see if they reacted appropriately to the threat.

One of the purposes of active-shooter training is to mimic, to some degree, the fear and chaos of a real-world mass shooting and teach responders to push aside their panic, protect people, and stop the shooter. In the particular type of training the White County Sheriff’s Office was using — ALICE training — teachers are encouraged to put their own lives on the line and rush at shooters to stop them in some situations.

But the teachers who got shot at the Indiana school complained about the welts they received from the airsoft pellets and the lack of warning, and their complaints led to new legislation being proposed to disallow trainers to shoot any kinds of projectiles at participants — thus reducing the effectiveness of those training sessions.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to all this, not by calling for a ban on airsoft guns in training, but by calling for a ban on most all guns in America.

Yes, you read that correctly.

“You know, instead of training children, teachers, houses of faith, & concertgoers to prep for being shot, we could just:

-Pass Universal Background checks (#HR8!)

-Disarm domestic abusers

-Mandate safe storage

-Ban bump stocks, semiautos, & high cap mags designed to kill people”

One of the many problems with her tweet is her ban on “semiautos.” Semi-automatic firearms are not just the so-called “assault rifles” like AR-15s. They are any handgun or rifle that auto-reloads after you pull the trigger and fire a round.

In other words, Ocasio-Cortez’ ban would include most firearms in America.

Perhaps she doesn’t understand with a semi-automatic is. Or perhaps she does want gun owners in America to turn in most of their self-defense weapons and rely on law enforcement to arrive on time to protect them in every single circumstance.

Her Twitter followers decided to point out a few things to her:

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