Cruz Destroys Omar After Her Immigration Comment Sounds, Um, Really Racist

May 31, 2019May 31, 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has been accused numerous times of saying things that sound outright hateful toward certain groups of people — namely Jews and people affected by the 9/11 attacks.

Is she doing it now to Hispanic people?

Omar was responding to President Trump’s proposal for making a merit-based system a bigger part of U.S. immigration policy, according to Fox News.

“A ‘merit based’ immigration policy is fueled by racism toward the Latinx community,” she declared, using a gender-neutral Latino term that has recently caught on with LGBT supporters. “Our immigration policies shouldn’t be based on discrimination, fear, or bigotry. We should welcome immigrants to our country and offer a simple pathway to citizenship.”

Um, did she just imply that Hispanic people can’t be skilled enough to make it into our country while other people groups can? That sounds, um, really racist.

Other people seemed to think so, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (D-Tx.), a Cuban-American.

“As the son of a Cuban immigrant whose Dad came to get a math degree & become a computer programmer, I’m troubled that Dems seem to believe Hispanic immigrants can’t qualify for skills-based legal immigration,” Cruz replied on Twitter. “Bringing in more scientists, engineers & doctors is good for US jobs.”

Omar deleted her tweet, but not after actress Mindy Robinson screenshotted it:

In mid-May, Trump defended his push for the issuing of more merit-based visas by pointing out, "Only 12 percent of legal immigrants [to the U.S.] are selected based on skill or based on merit. In countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, that number is closer to 60 and even 70 and 75 percent, in some cases."

PolitiFact fact-checked that claim and found it “mostly true.” They said his percentages were pretty close.

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