Ted Cruz Shreds Reuters for Holding Bombshell Beto Report Until AFTER Senate Race

March 17, 2019Mar 17, 2019

A Reuters reporter says he sat on a bombshell report detailing Beto O’Rourke’s hacker past until after his Texas Senate race, a startling admission that is just the latest in the pervasive pattern of bias in the media.

The reporter, Joseph Menn, admitted he promised O’Rourke he wouldn’t release the report until after his Senate race if he agreed to comment for the story.

“After more than a year of reporting, Menn persuaded O’Rourke to talk on the record. In an interview in late 2017, O’Rourke acknowledged that he was a member of the group, on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his Senate race against Ted Cruz in November 2018,” Reuters reported.

“I met Beto O’Rourke. I said ‘I’m writing a book about Cult of the Dead Cow, I think it’s really interesting,” Menn said. “I know you were in this group. This book is going to publish after November and your Senate race is over. And he said, ‘OK.’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who narrowly defeated O’Rourke in the 2018 midterm elections, ripped the media to shreds for withholding the report and keeping the American people in the dark.

“So Reuters had evidence in 2017 that Beto may have committed multiple felonies—which Beto confirmed on the record—but deliberately withheld the story for over a year to help him win his Senate race? But when he’s running against Bernie etc, NOW it’s news?” Cruz tweeted.

It's safe to say that if the same story was about Cruz, Reuters would have printed it as fast as they possibly could.

Is it really any mystery as to why Americans have no trust in the mainstream media?

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