Tennessee Baseball Team Apologizes for Poking Fun at Kaepernick

July 05, 2019Jul 05, 2019

A Tennessee baseball team poked fun at activist Colin Kaepernick, and now they’re apologizing for it after getting some blowback for the lighthearted joke.

According to the Washington Times, the Tennessee Smokies — a minor league team affiliated with the Chicago Cubs — etched a flag design into their baseball diamond.

Which flag? The Betsy Ross flag.

Kaepernick reportedly demanded that Nike cancel their 4th of July sneakers because they had the Betsy Ross flag displayed on the back of their heels. Wall Street Journal sources said the San Francisco 49ers quarterback-turned-activist objected to the flag because it was flown during a time in American history when slavery was legal.

Both Kaepernick and Nike have been ridiculed for trying to turn a flag that few people thought twice about into a symbol of hatred — especially after that flag was displayed behind President Obama during his second inauguration and has been flown at the San Francisco City Hall since 1964.

The Smokies decided to have a little fun with the controversy by etching the Betsy Ross flag into their field and tweeting photos of it with the caption: “Hey @Kaepernick7 after a lot of thought, we have decided it’s best to just do it.”

“Just do it” is Nike’s motto.

Some Kaepernick supporters were offended because the baseball team soon deleted the tweet apologized, according to The Hill.

“Regarding one of our recent tweets regarding @Kaepernick7 and our field design for tonight's game, it was meant to be a light-hearted take on a current situation,” the Smokies wrote on Twitter. “We did not mean to offend anyone by it. If it did, we certainly apologize.”

Many of the Smokies’ Twitter followers, however, wished that the team hadn’t apologized.

A number of liberals felt like the apology didn’t go nearly far enough,. though. Some of them accused the Smokies of siding with racism.

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