Texan Who Lives on the Border Absolutely Schools Acosta on the Border, and It’s Brilliant

January 16, 2019Jan 16, 2019

CNN’s Jim Acosta became the subject of national ridicule when he filmed an anti-President Trump video of himself showing that there is no crisis at the southern border...while standing right behind a very effective border wall.

But that wasn’t the only video Acosta shot in McAllen, Texas.

In his final video, the CNN reporter stood on the banks of the Rio Grande near sunset. He showed a placid scene with no border wall, just the river separating the U.S. and Mexico, and attempted once again to prove that there is no border crisis as Trump has claimed.

And then a guy living in an RV park behind him decided to take Acosta to task for implying that Texans have little to worry about when it comes to people illegally crossing the border. Twitter user Techno Fog — the Daily Caller verified his location and identity — gave a beautifully illustrated explanation of exactly why things seem so calm and peaceful at that spot.

A resident in the park backed Techno Fog up.

Try again, Jim.

Less seriously, social media users have played with Acosta’s famous border wall video in order to illustrate the ridiculousness his “no crisis” claim.

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