The Dead Shouldn’t Vote: Conservatives Declare Huge Victory Against Voter Fraud in California

January 03, 2019Jan 03, 2019

Dead people are no longer eligible to vote.

It seems obvious, but a conservative watchdog group had to win a recent legal battle to force California to take deceased and otherwise ineligible people off their voter registration rolls.

According to Judicial Watch — the group that filed the lawsuit on behalf of themselves as a well as concerned citizens — Los Angeles country had the highest percentage of eligible adults registered to vote in the nation.

What percentage? 112 percent.

In other words, far more adult residents were registered to vote than actually lived in the county of over 10 million people.

LA County, by far, is the largest county by population in America. In fact, it’s so big that that county alone has more people in it than all but nine U.S. states. That’s why any widespread voter corruption that goes on there is a big, big deal.

Judicial Watch won the lawsuit they’ve been fighting since 2017, which means LA County must now follow federal law. Federal law requires them to remove inactive registrations from their voter registration rolls after that person hasn’t voted in the county for the past two general federal elections.

Because they lost the lawsuit, the county has to remove up to 1.5 million inactive voters who have either died, moved away, or become otherwise ineligible to vote there.

1.5 million!

That had been a whole lot of opportunity for people to vote two, three, or more times in place of people who weren’t around to show up at the polls. It also gave opportunities for ineligible people to vote.

A CBS2 investigation in 2016 uncovered hundreds of dead voters still voting — most of them in LA County. One deceased man managed to vote repeatedly for seven years after he died.


“What it does is every single vote that’s cast by a dead voter actually cancels out a vote of a lawful voter cause if they voted for one candidate and you voted — let’s say — for another. Your vote got canceled out,” said Ellen Swensen of “True the Vote,” unfortunately having to state the obvious.

It’s not just an LA County problem either. Eleven out of 58 counties in California had more registered voters than physically possible.

And what percent of all of California’s age-eligible citizens are registered to vote? 101 percent.

Something’s just not adding up in the Golden State.

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